USFS Testing at the Pond Figure Skating Club

NEXT TEST SESSION: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Pond Figure Skating Club hosts USFS approved test sessions several times during the calendar year at the Pond Ice Arena. The following test sessions are scheduled at the Pond Ice Arena for 2017/18:

Summer: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

USFS Membership

All applicants must, at the time of the test, be members in good standing of US Figure Skating. Your USFS number must appear on the test application.

You may register for any test session online through our EntryEeze portal HERE.  If you are unable to register online, email the Test Chair at

All applications and fees are due online by 5:00 PM 10 days prior to the test session date. Upcoming test and deadline dates will be posted on the club bulletin board at the arena entrance and on this site.

Test Fees

All appropriate fees must be paid online through the club entryeeze site.

Test fees are non-refundable; however, if there are extenuating circumstances, it is possible to have the test forwarded to the next test session date. At the discretion of the Test Chair, late applications may be submitted and accepted with the appropriate fees plus a $35.00 non-refundable late fee.

Fees in addition to regular test fees

Non-Members of the Pond FSC must pay an additional $35.00 non-member fee per test session. In addition, there is a $13.00 ice fee for ALL testers.


Test Day Schedule

Please keep in mind that creating a test session schedule is time-consuming and many factors must be taken into account. This process is much easier if all necessary information is included on the test form. We will try our best to accommodate coaches' schedules, and school schedules, wherever possible, but please keep in mind that individual needs cannot always be accommodated. The test day schedule will be posted at the arena a few days prior to test day and will be emailed to coaches and out-of-Club skaters prior to test day, Please be sure to check your email for schedule and any last minute changes.

Non-Club Members

Please remember that if the Pond Figure Skating Club is not your home club, you must attach a permission letter from your home club indicating that you are a member in good standing and have permission to test at the Pond FSC. Permission letters must be received prior to the test date or you will not be allowed to test. Permission letters may also be emailed to the Test Chair at

If you are a Pond FSC member taking USFS tests at another club, you must get a letter of permission from the Pond FSC to verify that you are a member in good standing of the Pond FSC and have permission to test.

Test Day

Testers and coaches should be prepared to test up to one-half hour before their scheduled time. Please be at the rink 45 minutes before the scheduled test time. There is always the possibility of a last minute scratch, or the test running ahead of schedule. If the test session runs early and you are not present 45 minutes before your scheduled time, you may forfeit your test.

It normally takes several people to ensure that the test runs smoothly. Volunteers are needed to help with check-in, monitoring, playing music, and/or running judges' papers and making copies for skaters and coaches. Any Club members - parents and teens - are encouraged and welcome to assist on test day. Our sessions are usually only a couple of hours and your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


You may contact the Test Chair at